Illuminate the Sacred Flames of Alchemy & Discover The Next Phase of Self Mastery

INTEGRATION: Launch Date Coming Soon

You've come so far. Now, even more energy surrounds you with sacred purpose and your awareness has grown. Things are falling into alignment, yet there is still much to heal, know, and discover. In this course you may feel an undeniable nudge encouraging you to keep moving forward in a deep self discovery to define your dreams and supreme destiny. Course description & updates to be announced soon. ✨✨✨PREREQUISITES: Complete INITIATION {Level 1} and CALIBRATION {Level 2} of this series before registering for our INTEGRATION {Level 3} course.
Illuminate the Sacred Flames of Alchemy & Discover The Next Phase of Self Mastery




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Topics Explored

  • Align with the Moon

  • Introduction to Planetary Magick

  • Your Energetic Imprint

  • Into the Darkness: Understanding Entities

  • Rituals & Ceremonies

  • Introductions to Potions

  • Your Path & Your Beliefs

  • Refine your Purpose & Share Your Medicine

  • Wheel of the Year - Sacred Ceremonies

  • Golden Shadow - The New Story

Course Overview

Course material is released every two weeks

Monthly Live Video Call. Dates & Times posted in our private Facebook group.

WEEKS 1 & 2
Coursework:  Welcome back
WEEKS 3 & 4 

Coursework: TBD
WEEKS 5 & 6  Coursework: TBD
WEEKS 7 & 8

Coursework: TBD
WEEKS 9 & 10 Coursework: TBD 

COURSE COMPLETION Congratualations
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ADD ON Option to receive your Reiki Third Degree Certification. Registration Details Soon.


“I would highly recommend this class if you’re trying to understand your path, or need guidance with your spiritual gifts. Jen and Cindy are kind and will guide you without judgement.”


“Before this class, I felt like I was in “everything’s fine” mode where life was moving fast and I was just trying to keep up. I was so thankful for the blessings in my life, but I felt I was treading water as I worked through my never ending to do list. I didn’t know what was missing or how to fix it no matter how many self help books I read. Cindy and Jen helped open my eyes and my heart to everything that was already there. Through this class I learned the power of self love. Everything starts here. I am becoming more present and connected with my loved ones and the universe. I am forever grateful for the lessons I learned here”


“I'm so thankful for this class and for Cindy & Jen. I've always felt connected to Spirit, but their class provides the structure and teachings to make sense of that and draw closer to it.”

Tentative Release Date September 1, 2019

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  • Jen Piceno

    Jen Piceno

    Senior Instructor

    Jen Piceno is the Creatrix of Gypsy Moon, Inc. & Shamanic Priestess KatFyre, an Activator of Change & Transformation. She is wild hearted Modern Medicine Woman & Wisdom Keeper rooted in ancient sacred mysteries while adding an edgy modern twist to simplify things for modern magick making. She supports students in their personal pursuit for freedom of old beliefs, patterns, wounds & traumas. KatFyre Jen is an eclectic and thrives on cultural wisdoms of many different traditions. She is an energy mover, shape shifter, path changer & truth seeker using Shamanic dance, chanting, Shamanic journey, Priestess processes, light language, womb mysteries, rites of passage, shadow integration, art therapy, and the art of ceremony. She speaks the language of your soul (the original language). There's no hiding, she takes you exactly to the place that needs healing and enables you to see your truth in its purest, most raw form. She is also a licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner, Ceremonial Cacao Practitioner and Ordained Minister.
  • Cindy  Olah

    Cindy Olah

    Senior Instructor

    Cindy Olah is owner of Sacred Garden Yoga, facilitator of Yoga of the Heart teacher training and creator of the Sacred Alchemy {Live, Love, Thrive} program. She’s a shadow worker, story teller, yoga teacher and keeper of the Dark Mothers. As a spiritual entrepreneur for over 15 years, she affirms in herself and in others that it’s “OK for you to be YOU and have everything that you want.”

Still have questions?

  • Are there any prerequisites for this course?

    This course is part of a the Awaken Your Most Magickal Self Series. The courses are progressive and in chronological order starting with Level 1.

  • Who is this class for?

    This course is for curious minded adults (18+), who are ready to journey into the world of magick as a tool to navigate through their lives as conscious creators. It is NOT for those who prefer comfort, safety and familiar stories. Nor is it for those who lack commitment in taking responsibility for their lives to unlock true potential. It is for those who are ready to explore the unseen with an open mind to ignite magick, get unstuck and be excited about life again. This course may also be for you if this type of work feels familiar... as if "you have done it before" and you have a burning desire to learn more.

  • Are there more levels available?

    Yes, we are working on the next level(s) and will share details once it is complete.

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