Next in house & virtual LIVE experience starts Oct 24th. The series is 8 weeks long with 4 meeting times every other Saturday from 12-2:00 pm.

Walk the Path of Fulfillment & Creative Self Mastery

In INITIATION of the Awaken Your Most Magickal Self series, you begin by building relationships with the elements, as a way of cultivating and healing the relationship you have with yourself... unlocking your powers to create a beautifully enriched and abundant life. Whether it is to serve yourself or to serve others, we invite you take the next step in igniting the inner healer, teacher, shaman, priestess, light worker or magick maker waiting to express itself as you. The INITIATION includes a robust curriculum, live calls and potent energy clearings to free you from the self sabotage that keeps you stuck, small, invisible and unhealthy. Magick makers often fear their own power and being seen. We know you have a calling to make a difference, so we introduce you to potent rituals for refining your skills and liberating your energy to feel powerful and make a difference. Are you ready to answer the call?
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Dates For Next Live Course & ZOOM Meetings

The in house classes are offered at Sacred Garden Yoga. For virtual students, you will be joining in via Zoom during the same time. Please note: We only have 7 spaces for the in house option meeting at Sacred Garden Yoga. Also, all online course curriculum is available to learn at your own pace if you cannot join live meetings on Zoom.

  • October 24th- {Saturday from 12-2 pm EST}

  • November 7th- {Saturday from 12-2 pm EST}

  • November 21st- {Saturday from 12-2 pm EST}

  • December 5th- {Saturday from 12-2 pm EST}


“This Initiation is transformative! I love how aware and connected I am to the elements . Both in my body and the external world. I feel like having a relationship with the external elements has given me more personal power as they work internally. This course is amazing, I highly recommend it”


“I can't thank Cindy & Jen enough for sharing their knowledge with me. I've grown in Spirit and am much more comfortable in understanding my gifts.”


“I loved the whole experience! It opened a window to a new way of looking at the world and it's magic! ”


“Something has been missing in my life and I've always struggled to identify what "it" is. When I saw the first post for this course, something about it spoke to me. i put it off because I didn't think I had the time. Bit it kept coming back until I signed up. I feel like I've found a piece of what's missing. I've definitely found the tools to start working on mind and soul. I'm so very grateful for the guidance this work has provided, and for the support that you feel just walking into this space. I'm learning to embrace the sacred and find my path, and to accept myself as I am.”

“I'm so thankful for this class and for Cindy & Jen. I've always felt connected to Spirit, but their class provides the structure and teachings to make sense of that and draw closer to it.”

“Thank you both for bringing an element of magic and enchantment back into my life.”


Topics Explored

for your magickal expansion

  • The Elements- Earth wisdom, everyday magick & making sacred connections

  • The Magick Maker- Developing your intuition, psychic gifts and trust in yourself

  • The Art of Ceremony- Manifesting what you want & becoming a conscious creator

  • Magickal Tools- Learn how to use sigils, word magick as spells, candles and other tools to enhance your manifesting & healing abilities

  • The Wounded Healer- Releasing fears, loving yourself,  intro to shadow work

  • Creating Sacred Space- Transforming the mundane into beauty & lack into abundance

  • The Energetic Body- Working with energy, finding your voice & standing in your power. We will also be offering potent energetic clearings for each element.

  • Light Body Activations- In house students meeting at SGY will receive Reiki 1 attunement. Virtual students will receive channelled light body activation.


Jen KatFyre Piceno

Senior Instructor - Shamanic Counselor - Healer - Priestess - Reiki Double Master

Jen Piceno is known as a powerful "Path-Changer" and Activator of Change & Transformation. You'll quickly feel she is heart centered and rooted in ancient sacred mysteries. Her private practice {Gypsy Moon Inc} is a business designed to heal the past, awaken magic and mystery, and bring fulfillment into peoples lives through soulful discoveries, experiential ceremonies and creative processes. Jen offers healing sessions and programs with a unique blend of modalities that uncover core issues, dissolve limitations, and awaken authentic desires. You'll notice she adds a edgy modern twist to soulful magick making. She supports students in their pursuit for freedom and a guides them into living a more vibrant fulfilled life by freeing old beliefs, patterns, wounds & traumas. Jen is eclectic and thrives on cultural wisdom from many different traditions. She takes you exactly to the place that needs healing and enables you to see your truth in its purest, most raw form. Jen is a way shower who leads people into their highest potential. Jen Piceno is a fierce change-maker who stirs things up and initiates others through her writing {book coming soon}, public speaking, ceremonies, and events. Learn More:

Cindy Olah

Senior Instructor

Cindy Olah is owner of Sacred Garden Yoga, facilitator of Yoga of the Heart teacher training and creator of the Sacred Alchemy {Live, Love, Thrive} program. She’s a shadow worker, story teller, yoga teacher and keeper of the Dark Mothers. As a spiritual entrepreneur for over 15 years, she affirms in herself and in others that it’s “OK for you to be YOU and have everything that you want.”

8 Week Course Overview

Course material is released every two weeks and includes:

  • Four modules, released every 2 weeks so that you can digest the content and complete the assignments.
  • Downloadable PDF's and audio files that you can keep forever.
  • Videos to give visual guides for some of your assignments.
  • Detailed instructions for ceremonies that you can use whenever you like.
  • Two pre-recorded Q&A videos with Cindy & Jen.
  • Access to a private FB group to support you on your journey. Cindy & Jen are active in the group to share and answer questions. This is a private online community for you to share your experience with other students in this course.


  • Pre-recorded and Live Energy Clearing Sessions

    $297 value

    Each module contains a potent energetic clearing. You will also receive a monthly live group clearing where we will address the specific needs for those who participate.



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Still have questions?

  • Who is this class for?

    This course is for curious minded adults (18+), who are ready to journey into the world of magick as a tool to navigate through their lives as conscious creators. It is NOT for those who prefer comfort, safety and familiar stories. Nor is it for those who lack commitment in taking responsibility for their lives to unlock true potential. It is for those who are ready to explore the unseen with an open mind to ignite magick, get unstuck and be excited about life again. This course may also be for you if this type of work feels familiar... as if "you have done it before" and you have a burning desire to learn more.

  • Are there any prerequisites for this course?

    No. However, we do ask that you register with an open mind and an open heart. This is all about self discovery, trusting your intuition, & awakening into your own unique magick.

  • Are there more levels available?

    Yes, we currently have four levels, however we have them structured as progressive learning. This course INITIATION is level 1 of that process. Once you complete this course we will offer you the next level and guide you have to enroll.